The Patented Mini Comfort, The most Patient Friendly, Practical Guard on the Market Today.

What is the science supporting the Mini Comfort?

The Science of this 100% Soft Lower Guard is based upon the long standing doctrine and understanding of Cuspid Discluding principles that naturally protect dentitions. Occusal Disease is said to be the most under diagnosed and least treated malady affecting a majority of people everywhere.

Patient observations indicate the soft "Patented Canine Elements" may disrupt bruxing and clenching. Unlike traditional guards, the muscles involved have no hard interface to simply satisfy the patients "Need" for their hyperactivity. Unlike hard surfaced guards, the "Patented Discluding Formula and Methods" of the Mini Comfort do not provide an "End Point" to breed or enhance more unwarranted muscle activity.

As Dentists, Compliance is what we really desire. Hard guards only protect the teeth and only if the patient faithfully wears them. Providing patients with the Mini Comfort not only protects the patients teeth, but Protects Your Dentistry while allowing you to Monitor the patients Wearing Compliance and determine if other modalities of treating bruxism and clenching is warranted. The ability to monitor patient compliance is also a tremendous asset when issues of fractured and failed restorations arise.

Many, many people are Day Time Clenchers. The Mini Comfort is the Only Effective and protective clench guard that can be worn during the daytime because it is practically Invisible and Does Not Interfere with Speech. This feature really helps patients gain control of their Para Functional Habits.

We all see numerous Cracked Teeth on a daily basis. Often times Para Functional Activity is the culprit. The Mini Comfort can help determine whether symptoms are reversible or if indeed the cracked teeth syndrome has occurred. Usually it is Practically Impossible to have a patient comply and wear the Traditional Hard surfaced brux guard during the day.

The Mini Comfort is extremely Retentive and Comfortable because of the use of Soft Tissue Undercuts and the Hydroseal Effect. Patients do indeed Thank You as they place their Mini Comfort in for the first time.

Studies and Literature is Abundant with relationships and corrrelations relative to Bruxism, TMJD, Sleep Apnea, Sleeplessness, Migraines, Tension Headaches and more.


How can I receive a sample Mini Comfort?

To receive a sample Mini Comfort call 216-663-2233 or click on the contact page and email us. Your sample will be shipped the day that we receive the request.


What is the advantage of Mini Comfort?

This is the Dentist most FAQ. The Mini comfort is extremely patient friendly and of course comfortable. It is unique in utility, especially in that it may disrupt bruxing, clenching and bracing habits of afflicted patients. The Mini Comfort differs from all other guards in that it offers no familiar “end point” or “sweet spot” for the overactive facial and jaw musculature involved in the Bruxing process. Hard guards simply provide a “grove” or “skating surface” for the opposing teeth. With typical traditional hard guards, the involved musculature then has a hard plastic interface instead of enamel. The grinding and clenching is unabated and possibly even promoted. Even with the practically "unbreakable" nature of restorative materials, bruxism can eventually cause damage to the patient. If the crown cannot break then maybe the root might. If the crown or the hybrid implant full arch cannot break then maybe the implant might fail, even the screws may fail. Then there is always TMJ. Something has to give eventually.

The patented positioning of the discluding elements of the Mini Comfort may provide the patient with a therapeutic effect thereby assisting the patient to overcome bruxing, clenching, and bracing habits while protecting the teeth of the patient and the dentistry that you have provided.


How long should a Mini Comfort last?

For a mild to moderate bruxer, the Mini Comfort should last from 12-24 months and longer as the patient learns to relax jaw muscles during the Daytime wear of the Mini Comfort. The conscious daytime mantra is “Lips Together, Teeth Apart”. The Mini comfort can help patients with this objective. A severe bruxer can wear through the Mini Comfort in 6 months or less. This patient may require some physical therapy as they most likely are consciously chewing on the appliance. They may be in bed, however not sleeping, and the bruxer will often chew and treat the Mini Comfort as a “pacifier”. At the very least, better to ruin the Mini Comfort than ruin their teeth and stress their facial musculature. The Dentist needs to help their patient realize the harmful potential of their para functional habits.


Is the Dentist required to adjust the Mini Comfort?

The skilled technicians at the Mini Comfort lab fabricate each patient’s Mini Comfort to the individual patient’s exact formula and specifications. The Mini Comfort precise fabrication process ensures the patient of a proper fit. No Dentist adjustments are necessary.


As a Dentist how do I know that the Mini Comfort works?

Contact Mini Comfort and we will custom fabricate A Mini Comfort for you at no charge. Upon wearing the Mini Comfort you will be convinced that the Mini Comfort is the most patient friendly guard on the market and you will understand why we call the Mini Comfort “The Amazing Clench Guard”.